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Which Compression Binder after a ‘Tummy Tuck’?

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The Doctor said “Get a Tummy Binder” but which one to choose?

After having an abdominal surgery wearing a medical grade compression garment is vital. There are several compression garments that provide support  after a tummy tuck surgery – girdles, bodysuits even vests. An abdominal binder has it’s advantages in that it is self adjusting, which means you can change the amount and position of compression.

Compression binders are worn for a multitude of reasons. After abdominal surgery like Abdominoplasty, Postpartum, Caesarian Section, Body Lift , Hernia or for lower back pain and also chest binding. The reasons are truly endless! But are all binders the same and how to choose the right one for you?

Most binders are a length of stretch fabric that is pulled around your body and secured with Velcro to create compression where it is needed. Some compression binders like the Marena brand, come in One Size Fits All  except bariatric length binders. BodyAid now has two abdominal binders – both black, that are comfy, easy to use and much easier to keep clean.

Other ones like the ClearPoint Medical binder come in a range sizes. We are proud to carry a huge range of binders to ensure all of our customers are able to find the perfect fit! All binders we carry are unisex as well!

Abdominal Binders currently stocked at Bodyment:

Having such a huge range of compression binders, sometimes makes it hard to find the really needed one. The first question you need to ask yourself is:

  1. How wide is the area I need to cover over 22 cm or below?

Most women of regular height will find binders with an approx 22cm width are great. Basically you need to ensure that the entire are of the wound is compressed with a little above and below the wound as well. Split panel binders will provide a more even amount of compression when the area to be compressed is not straight up and down. So, for a curvier woman, we would recommend the split panel binders. Taller women should choose the four panel binders. Males would almost always need the wider options.

Now, Marena also make what is known as “Split Panel” binders. These are the same widths – 22cm or 30cm, but instead of being one piece of fabric, they are split so you can pull the top (or bottom) tighter than the other. These are a little more expensive but not many of us have torsos that are the same width from the chest to the hips do we? The Split Panel binder gives you the option to regulate the binder more preciously around the waist and around the hip.  If you are curvy, then choose either the Marena AB3S3 or AB4S binders. These give you the chance to tailor the compression more to the shape of your body.

   3. Which Brand ?

If you have decided not to go with the Split Panel Binder you now have the choice to go with the BodyAid, Clearpoint Medical or the Marena Binder.

BodyAid Binders:

  • Breathable mesh fabric makes this binder the coolest
  • Black means these binders keep cleaner for longer

Marena Compression Binders:

  • One size Fits All
  • Only comes in a white colour
  • Antibacterial components within the fabric
  • Fabric feels more stretchy

ClearPoint Compression Binders:

  • Sizes  small – 2xl,  a hip measurement is required to select the right size.
  • Black colour only
  • Very gentle and soft fabric inside
  • Fabric feels firmer compared to Marena

All of these binders are extremely popular, worn by men and women for a myriad of reasons other than abdominal surgery. They can be positioned low – partially over the hips for lower abdominal procedures, or anywhere on the mid and upper torso as required.

3. What happens if my waist measurement  is about 107cm?

Regular binders will fit a waist measurement of up to about 107cm. After that you will need the Marena Bariatric Binder.

So why wear a Binder?

It’s fairly obvious that binders provide compression. Compression in the case of a surgical procedure, helps control swelling, keeps the blood flowing freely to promote better healing, keeps the wound flat, provides support to the lower back and gives a feeling of security. For Hernia patients, binders keep the hernia in and reduce the risk of further damage. They also benefit from the support. People with lower back problems appreciate the support of the binder and compression can help reduce pain. Binders can even be used as shape wear. They are a fantastic garment for all of the above reasons, however they can be uncomfortable and difficult to hide under clothing.

Bodyment research over years of fitting patients, has shown that most Surgeons will require the use of a binder. However, many Health Professionals also recommend a compression bodysuit or girdle to compliment the binder. These surgical compression garments are made from less bulky fabric and are more comfortable usually. We have sourced three brands that we believe and statistics have shown, are the best available and preferred by Doctors. Ideally, if undergoing an abdominal procedure, Bodyment recommends purchasing one binder and two compression garments. As you need to wear compression 24/7 for at least 6 weeks (the longer the better) having one garment to wear while the other is being washed just makes so much sense. The binder is worn for at least two weeks – on it’s own in hospital then over your preferred compression garment 24/7 for the first two weeks then as required when you are doing anything physical like shopping.

Please take advantage of our “Chat” feature so we can assist in determining the right binder for you.

Lastly, don’t forget your BodySil silicone tape to reduce the look of your scars.

Have a question? We’re happy to help!

Bodyment is a customer centric company, providing medical compression products to improve your recovery as prescribed by your health professional. All tickets will be responded to within 24hours.

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