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Brazilian Butt Lift – Shake your body ladies!

4 minutes read

Brazilian Butt Lift – Shake your body ladies!

Brazilian Butt Lift – Shake your body ladies!

Everyone knows that bikini bodies are made over the winter period. So, did you start exercising already? Not yet? Don’t worry! We have a few options on how you make your butt grow faster.

Let’s see those options:

The first option is all about, how low can you go?
Squat. Squat. Squat. Squat deeper. Squat harder. Squat more often. And then squat deeper. Squat harder and squat more often again. Push on repeat and then push on repeat again.

This option includes sweating, time, genetic resources and discipline. Are you one of those disciplined and genetic resources people? Congratulations! After about six months you should be able to notice a difference. But this is not the only benefit. Your whole body is changing for good! I am confident that I don’t have to explain all those great benefits which come with a healthy and fit lifestyle. I am confident as well that I don’t have to explain what happens to your butt if you stop your workout once – yes, your butt will be gone.

This leads to another option on how to get a big sexy butt. A permanent one. Because this is what ladies are after: always in shape!

Option two is called Buttock Augmentation (Buttock Implants). This procedure can create THE ULTIMATE Brazilian Butt. Regardless of generic resources. YESSSS! This is what we are after, right? But if we take a deeper look at this attractive option it quickly becomes clear that this option is not suitable for everyone. Let me explain this a little bit to you:

This procedure is performed to enhance your butt with the support of implants (at similar procedure is a breast augmentation). The Implants increase the volume and can improve the shape of the buttocks. Sounds good so far. But you might have big scars in the middle of your lower back between your buttocks. A cosmetic or plastic procedure including implants always has a risk of seroma and rupture.
But there is also one important thing nobody talks about. There will be a time in the future when the implants need to be replaced or taken out. If you decide to take out the implant the skin which is stretched around your implant will hang. Your skin elasticity will be gone.  Not beautiful! Not good. Not good at all!

Ladies, make space for the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure with fat grafting:
The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure can create the most natural looking Brazilian Butt Style without any implants. The procedure was developed by surgeons to avoid the disadvantages which may occur during the process explained above.
This special treatment involves fat extraction with liposuction and reinjection of the fat.
Let me explain those 2 steps in a little bit more detail:

  1. Liposuction

Liposuction is the first part of the procedure. Fat is liposuctioned from the patient’s fatty areas. Such a fatty area can be the abdomen, thighs or waist, back or arms. Your surgeon will discuss with you the best area.

  1. Injection

Once the liposuction procedure is done a special fat grafting cannula is used to inject the tissue into the fibrous tissue.  The extracted fat is injected carefully. Contouring and moulding into the desired area.

More than 60% of the injected fat will stay. The other 30%-40% will naturally reabsorb and be eliminated by your body’s natural process.
The fabulous thing about this treatment is that the fat cells that survive the transfer will live in their new location forever.

Excellent job thanks to all surgeons!

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How long does it take to recover?

The recovery period takes about 10-14 days. As you may have swelling and bruising after your surgery we highly recommend you wear compression garments 24/7 for about 14 days to ensure the best outcome from your surgery.

Are the results permanent?

Yes! The wonderful thing is that the fat cells will stay forever.

Does a Brazilian Butt Lift remove cellulite?

Brazilian Butt Lift cannot remove cellulite. However, the overall appearance of your buttocks will improve in overall shape.

How much fat is needed for this procedure ?

There is no firm answer. As a small framed person may need less than a larger framed person.  However, as the grafted fat will be reabsorbed the more you put in the bigger your butt after surgery. Good to start with are about 800cc

How to choose your surgeon
What questions should be answered by your surgeon before surgery:

  1. How many BBL procedures have you done?
  2. What is it about your technique that makes it safe?
  3. Can I see before and after pictures of your previous BBL patients?
  4. Which area is the best for me you are going to liposuction?
  5. How long is the recovery period?

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