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Face lift – uplift your appearance

3 minutes read

Face lift – uplift your appearance.

The focus of our appearance is our face. Our face can reflect our age, our emotions and even our past.
A face lift (surgical name: Rhytidectomy) surgery can help to reverse the harmful effects of time; stress and exposure to the elements.

But what is really the outcome of this surgery? How is it performed and for how long do my results last? Am I really a suitable candidate for a face lift procedure? What is the main reason for a face lift?

[thrive_leads id=”40586″]Generally speaking, a face lift is a surgery method which removes excess facial skin to improve visible signs of aging. According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery more than 120,000 face lift procedures were performed in 2016. A Face lift can consist of procedures on various parts of the face. It can include a forehead lift, eye lift surgery, mid lift and/ or a lower face lift. Please check with your doctor which is the best for you.

But what are the main reasons for men and women having a face lift surgery done and what is the outcome?

The main reason for a face lift procedure is:
The beauty and cosmetic market is overflowing with anti-aging creams and all other sorts of beauty products which make it hard to decide which product to choose to receive the outcome all ladies wish for. While most of the products are expensive, the main aim is always the same: turn back the hands of time, having a wrinkle-free skin, a smooth complexion and a shiny appearance.

While a face lift procedure is a surgery which requires a lot of experience from your surgeon and technical skills it involves risk, which should be discussed first with your surgeon before deciding to have the procedure done. However, the result can be seen straight away. Patients will look refreshed and younger and be given a natural look – as if nothing has been done – a result which can’t be achieved with creams!

  • Removes and tightens sagging skin
  • Reduce the drop of the cheeks
  • Lifts the corner of the mouth
  • Reduces the creases between the cheek and the lips

Everyone would like to look younger but Is everyone a face lift candidate?

Not everyone who asks for a younger appearance is a face lift candidate. Although there is no specific age, the surgery is recommended for patients over 50 years, depending on when the aging process begins to show. A suitable alternative to reduce wrinkles for the younger age group might be facial fillers to hide lines and slight jowl formations.

How long does a face lift last?

A facelift won’t last forever, as we can’t stop the hands of time. But at least the result will last for 5 years, always depending on the technique, the surgeon and the patient.

How long is the recovery time?

The recovery process is different to each patient but in general the swelling will go down within 2 weeks after surgery. The recovery time can be reduced and made more comfortable by wearing our compression face masks which controls swelling and bruising. There are several types of face mask. We offer the Marena compression face mask, for male and female as well as the Marena ice bag pocket mask.  Both kinds of masks will improve the blood circulation and minimise swelling after the face lift procedure. The mask helps to flush the body out of potentially harmful fluids allowing a faster return to your normal routine.
Besides the compression face masks, don’t forget to purchase hairpins as well to keep your hair off the face and a hat & sunblock to the affected areas for at least 6-12 weeks after surgery as the skim will be fragile.

Are you preparing for a face lift surgery or have you had one? Please feel free to leave a comment, we would love to hear your experiences.


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