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Gynecomastia Treatment Options

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Man Boobs – Gynecomastia Treatment at Bodyment.

Gynecomastia can be described as unusual growth of the man’s breast tissue. It can appear on one or both.
This condition can occur in males from the teenage years through to older ages. Naturally, it can be embarrassing and from our experience, it is becoming more prevalent of late. Wearing a good quality compression garment under clothing can help hide the problem for many men. But there may come a point when a surgical procedure is the best solution.

Depending on the cause of the gynecomastia, symptoms can include tightness within the chest area, limited mobility or sensitivity of the nipples is significantly higher.

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The kind of treatment of gynecomastia depends on the cause of the breast growth. In general gynecomastia is only a temporary problem and appears during puberty period.
The hormone balance can be corrected by a change of diet or by the addition of testosterone.
Another treatment can be an operation. The operation is only an option if other treatments weren’t successful.
The gynecomastia operation should only be done by an experienced surgeon.
In most cases the operation occurs through a small cut in the court of the nipple. Thanks to this operation method big scars can be avoided in many cases. Gland tissue and fatty tissue are removed during the operation, so that the breast won’t grow anymore after the surgical procedure.

Liposuction of the chest is an alternative for some patients or can be performed as part of gynecomastia surgery.

Post Procedure Gynecomastia Treatment
The right follow up treatment is very important after the operation. For this reason, Marena has designed a selection of male vests, which we recommend to wearing after your breast operation. They are available in a short and in a long design.

Please see your doctor or nurse for medical advice. In general compression garments are most important because they help reduce swelling and bruising. It is also great to know that Australian Health Insurers such as HBF may offer you a large rebate on your purchase from bodyment.

Our Marena Compression vests are treated with antimicrobial agents to prevent odor and promote freshness by inhibiting the growth of many common bacteria, to leave you feeling fresh longer. The three-dimensional stretch ensures a comfortable personal fit with medical grade compression. The Marena garments stay in place and move with you. The front zipper and hooks and eyes makes it easy even after an operation to put the garments on correctly. Don’t make any compromise when it comes to your health. Choose Marena!

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