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Private Health Insurance for Medical Garments

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Got Health Insurance? Need Compression Garments? Private Health Rebates are possible when purchasing from Bodyment.

You may have noticed Bodyment stocks a large range of top quality surgical garments made with anti-bacterial fabric for post op wear. We also have an extensive range of garments, including graduated socks and stockings for everyday wear, after a surgical procedure or when flying.

Does my Private Health cover post-operation compression garments?

Bodyment understands that the cost of these garments – especially if you are required to wear them on a daily basis, can be expensive. We are committed to ensuring our customers take advantage of their Private Health Insurance, or where applicable Medicare.

Most leading Health Insurers provide generous rebates for customers who are required to wear compression garments after a surgery, or for everyday wear. We have worked with these health funds for almost two decades, and have gathered some important information for you.

Some Health Funds require a letter from your Health Professional confirming that you are required to wear compression. All our Health Rebate Invoices include the information your Fund requires.

Help me claim my compression garments on health insurance.

We are Registered Providers for HBF and NIB. Please check out our FAQ on Health Rebates  Bodyment is constantly updating information on all Australian health insurance providers, to keep our members in the loop and well informed of their entitlements.

Find our Medical Health Rebate form here. If you require a letter from your Health Professional including their provider number, just add this free downloadable pdf to your cart, and ask your practitioner to complete their details, Include it with your Bodyment receipt when you lodge your claim.

What level of medical insurance cover do I need?

No matter whether the compression garments are for a surgical procedure or not, if you have the right level of “extras” cover, you should be entitled to a rebate.

These rebates cover surgical garments and compression socks and stockings.
Many Private Health Funds may pay a benefit for our Marena sports compression garments. This is because the Marena garments are surgical grade compression and recommended by Physiotherapists and other health practitioners for a variety of conditions including Hypermobility.

Do I need an itemised receipt in order to claim?

Most health insurers require an itemised receipt showing the exact medical compression garments purchased. Unlike other medical compression and online retailers, we can provide a separate Invoice for Health Insurance so you can process and claim the rebate from your Health Insurance. Just ask !

Claiming medical compression socks and medical compression stockings on Private Health insurance.

Leading health insurers allow generous rebates on graduated compression hosiery, such as medical compression socks, medical compression arm sleeves, medical compression gloves and gauntlets, medical compression pantyhose, maternity pantyhose and medical compression chaps.

Can I claim my pregnancy and post partum medical garments?

If your Health Professional has advised you to wear compression pre or post the birth of your child, your health fund may provide a rebate.

What health professionals can authorise my claim?

Leading health professionals often prescribe medical compression therapy. As long as they have a provider number, as all registered health professionals do, just supply our Medical Health Rebate Form for them to complete, prior to submitting your claim.

Have a question? We’re happy to help!

Bodyment is a customer centric company, providing medical compression products to improve your recovery as prescribed by your health professional. All tickets will be responded to within 24hours.

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