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Silicone tape or silicone gel?

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There are two methods for applying silicone on scars. As already mentioned in our blogpost before there are some certain reasons why we highly recommended silicone tape.

But what is the main difference between our silicone tape or our silicone gel.

What makes silicone gel useful?

Our Xeragel provides a discreet and convenient scar treatment solution. Xeragel silicone is a topical, 100% silicone gel ointment; a self-drying, spreadable silicone gel that, when set, is completely transparent – that’s why we highly recommended the gel for the use on areas of the body that are usually not covered by clothes – face, neck, arms, hands, feet.
You don’t want to go out of the house with the strips on your face, right?


How to use Xeragel:

Ensure are to be taped is clean and dry

Apply only a very small amount of Xeragel to the fingertip

Smooth over the scar to allow a very thin layer

Allow to dry completely

Re-apply 12 hourly for the best results


Xeragel should be used consistently until you are happy with the look of your scars. However, self-drying silicone gel is appealing because it is effective, no fixation is required; it is invisible when dry; and sun blocks, makeup or both can be applied in combination.


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