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ClearPoint Medical Sleeveless Velcro Shoulder Vest

Sleeveless vest – check out our new product range!

Shop ClearPoint on BodymentNew product range!!
We are proud to introduce you to our new product range from ClearPoint Medical – an exceptional supplier of quality compression wear after surgery.

Our promise to you:

Function, Comfort, Pricing and of course Personalized Service!

One of our favourite new products are our Sleeveless Vests. The ClearPoint Sleeveless Vests give the right amount of compression where you need it most to support you after surgery.

The compression sleeveless vests are an excellent choice to wear after:

  •         Bra strap Liposuction and Liposuction of axillary
  •         Liposuction of upper back
  •         Chest liposuction
  •         Chest compression
  •         Gynecomastia
  •         Buffalo hump removal

clearpoint vest sleevelessLiposuction

Liposuction gets you ready for summer and the beach season, or anytime of the year.  It may involve the areas underneath the arms and around the patient’s upper back and bra strap area – our sleeveless vests cover all of them and give the right amount of compression to help your body to reduce swelling after surgery.

Chest compression and gynecomastia procedure

The sleeveless vests are an important component for the best recovery treatment after gynecomastia procedure to reduce swelling and bruising. A Liposuction procedure of the chest is an alternative for some patients and can be performed as a part of gynecomastia surgery as well. But why wait until after surgery to feel comfortable in your skin? The Sleeveless Vest is perfect to wear even before surgery to minimize the external appearance of man boobs and you don’t have to hide them under big wide shirts anymore!

Shop Clearpoint on BodymentBuffalo hump removal  

The buffalo hump phenomenon describes excessive fat content around the lower back of the neck between the shoulders. The buffalo hump can be removed by liposuction around those areas. As our Sleeveless Vest has adjustable shoulder straps you can easily bring the vest up to your neck to cover the treated part of your body well.

Additionally,  our ClearPoint Medical Sleeveless Compression Vest comes in a micro power mesh fabric which is breathable and gives high comfort at night. The wide, adjustable hook and loop shoulder straps are perfect to find the best level of cover for the axillary area. The vest also comes with an adjustable 3 row front hook and eye closure. This gives you the ability to control the amount of compression. You may start with the first row after your surgery and end up with the last row as the swelling comes down – perfect fit through the whole healing process! As the compression vests are often worn for several weeks day and night, the ClearPoint Sleeveless Vest is easy to wash and dries quickly because it is an open weave fabric. Bodyment recommends that you always purchase 2 garments – one to wear and one to wash.

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