Post Mastectomy Support
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Support After Your Mastectomy

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Bodyment can help support you after your Mastectomy.

We have a range of Post-Surgical bras, binders and bodysuits to help you recover from your surgeries. Our range of Amoena post-mastectomy breast forms, shapers and pocketed bras will keep supporting you into the future and keep you looking feminine and pretty.

Mastectomy surgeries will usually be required should breast cancer have been diagnosed or if you have the BRACA1 gene and have elected to have your breasts removed. Also, gender reassignment surgery can involve breast removal. Of course, not all breast cancers will need full bi-lateral breast removal. Trust in your surgeon as they will offer the most appropriate procedure for you.

When Mastectomy is required, one or both breasts will be surgically removed. Sometimes, immediate reconstruction will occur at the same time as the Mastectomy surgery. Some women choose not to have reconstruction at all. Others will wait till their radiation treatments are over before considering reconstruction. In all of these cases, it is advisable to wear a Post Surgery bra for about 6 weeks 24/7 immediately following the surgery. Your Doctor will advise if he wants you to wear a compression bra or a comfort bra. All of Bodyment’s Post Surgery bras are front fastening and supportive.

Some breast reconstructive surgeries may require an abdominal binder and/or a bodysuit. You can trust Bodyment to only offer the most comfortable, affordable and medically sound garments to aid with your recovery.

Women with Breast Cancer often undergo Lumpectomy surgeries which are not as invasive as a full Mastectomy. Only part of the breast needs to be removed in this instance. There is also some wonder breast conserving surgeries being performed now that can leave the breast intact after the procedure.

Men sometimes refer to their Gynecomastia surgery as a Mastectomy. Technically they are the same procedure.

What support services are available to you post Mastectomy?:

  • Your Private Health Insurance may offer rebates on your garments purchased from Bodyment. Check your eligibility here or contact your fund.
  • The Australian Government offers reimbursement for Breast Forms. For further information see our Blog Post.
  • The Breast Cancer Network has lots of great information and resources here
  • The Australian Government has loads of information here
  • The McGrath Foundation funds Breast Care Nurses around the country and has great information here

What support services are available to your family post your Mastectomy?:

All of the wonderful resources above can also help when family members need support as a result of your Breast Cancer journey.


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