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What Post Surgical Bra Should I Buy?

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You should always wear a post surgical bra following any type of breast surgery. No matter whether you are having augmentation, lift and or reduction or breast cancer surgery, this question should always be directed to your Surgeon or their staff. Following your procedure, the correct post operative bra will improve comfort, results and recovery.

What kind of post surgical bra should I wear post breast surgery?

Because you must trust your surgeon to create the breasts you want, so it is best practise to ensure you wear the type of post surgical bra he requires.

Over the years, we have spoken to thousands of plastic and cosmetic surgeons and their nurses and each of them have their own preferences in the style of post breast surgery bra they like their patients to wear after the procedure. Often, the style of post surgical bra will change depending on the type of breast surgery being performed. However, based on their expertise and our experience, here is our list of “must haves” for all post operative bras.

Do I need a front fastening post surgical bra?

A front fastening post operative bra is vital for wear immediately following your breast surgery. Doctors don’t want you raising your arms to put your post operative bra on as it may tug at your stitches and be a little painful, sometimes a post surgical velcro bra is preferred to assist directly after a surgery for particular patients. Usually, the post surgical velcro bras have either hook and eye or zip closure to ensure the right support. Some hook and eye closure post operative bras have more than one row of eyes so the post operative bra is very adjustable and adjusts to your size as the swelling reduces.

Should I choose zip or hook and eye closure post operative bra?

As long as the bra has adjustment, either at the front or back, the bra will be more able to customise as your swelling increases or reduces. The new Marena FlexiFit Ultra Low Zip Front post surgical bra now has three rows of hooks and eyes at the back, which makes this post operative bra much more popular.

Post surgical velcro bra’s available now

Some health professionals prefer a post surgical velcro bar that can assist with application due to painful shoulders or arthritic hands. These post surgery velcro bra’s are your best option if you or your surgeon requires an easier velcro post surgical bra after your procedure or for general wear. Our Marena sleeveless velcro surgical bra is a fantastic option when full coverage, easy to adjust wide velcro shoulder straps and a full back make this our preferred post operative velcro bra for extra coverage.

What type of post operative shoulder adjustment should I choose?

Not all women are the same height, so it is important to be able to adjust the length of the shoulder straps to suit your body. The adjustment here is often hook and eye, sliders like regular bras, hooks and spaces or velcro. All of these adjusters work well. Post operative bras with hook and eye adjustment on the shoulders generally have wide straps, so if you are wanting something less noticeable, then opt for the regular slider style shoulder straps.

What’s best for me – comfort or compression post surgery bra?

Now, we need to talk about “compression” versus “comfort”. This is where you need to listen carefully to your surgeon. Often, for breast augmentation surgery, your doctor will want you to wear a comfort bra. So, in other words, surgeons might not want your breasts to be compressed. This may have something to do with the type of implants you will be getting. Because, if your surgeon wants no compression then there are plenty of options available.

Should you be having Breast Reduction or similar surgery, your Surgeon may recommend a compression bra. These bras will help control swelling and bruising. Some are not uncomfortable, just firmer on your body for you. When wearing a post surgical compression bra it is very important to ensure that the band sits low on your rib cage and doesn’t ride up onto your breasts. So always make sure you cover your entire breast with the cup of the post surgery bra.

Do I need a stabiliser band or just a post operative bra?

So here we are, last but no least, does your surgeon need you to wear a Stabiliser Band? These are usually only worn following Breast Augmentation surgery. Not all Surgeons recommend them and certainly not in all cases. They are self adjusting, and keep the implants down well in the pockets. This is why the new BodyAid Stabiliser Band is black – so much easier to wear with your black post operative bra.

Choosing the correct post surgical bra should I wear after breast augmentation?

Aways check with you Surgeon before purchasing a post breast augmentation bra as they may have a preference of style – comfort or compression. The latest feedback we have received from Bodyment Partner Surgeons, is that they usually prefer a non compressive bra front fastening post operative bra.

What post surgery bra should I wear after breast lift or reduction surgery?

Unlike breast augmentation, most of our partnered Surgeons will recommend a compression breast lift bra after these procedures. All the Marena flexifit surgery bras are made from surgical grade anti-bacterial compression fabric. As you will have incisions under your breast, we recommend a post-op bra that sits lower on your body.

Which post surgical bra should I wear after breast cancer surgery?

A post mastectomy surgery bra that has built-in pockets in the cup is a great post mastectomy or lumpectomy option. Because you may need to wear a shaper or breast form during your recovery, so a post surgery bra with pocketed cups is really convenient.

Marena FlexiFit‚Ñ¢ High Coverage Zip Front Bra BNRZ
Marena Flexi Fit High Coverage Size Front Bra has built-in pockets.

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