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Amoena’s post surgery and mastectomy bras are feminine, fashionable and natural.

Amoena is the world leader in breast care, with a range that spans breast symmetry products and enhancers, lingerie, swimwear, nightwear, leisurewear and accessories.  

Amoena’s mission to striving to be a significant part of the individual’s life journey to support women’s confidence after breast surgery . 

Anita has been making quality  breast prostheses and  lingerie for more than 130 years.

Anita are specialists in post operative, mastectomy, prosthesis and maternity products and are well known with a world wide reputation for their quality, function and comfort to flatter any shape and size.

Their legacy of quality assures customers that Anita bras will always be there for them and will provide the support that they need. 

Aspect formulates superior skin care backed by science. Their results-oriented products contain biologically-active ingredients that deliver real results.

Formulated by scientists, Aspect products are built on botanically active ingredients, in optimal concentrations, that deliver on their promises.

 Gentle enough for almost anyone to use, their products are designed to target skin cells, enhance cellular communication and strengthen the skin’s barrier function with repeated use. 

Complement your post operative journey with quality skin care by Aspect. 



bodyAid is our range of compression garments inspired by the best features of our top selling items, offering the highest quality scientifically backed medical compression garments. 

With years of experience behind us we’ve developed the very best range of quality post surgical garments designed to aid your recovery and keep you feeling & looking great and the same time too. 

Bodyment gives you the confidence to love your body while we take care of the rest.
Bodyment was founded in Australia in 2010 with one mission in mind – to provide a better experience to people in post-operative recovery.

Bodyment have developed a range of best selling post surgery bundles designed specifically for you that offer you the very best products all in one convenient place. 

Expert fitting for optimal recovery. Our BodyPlus fitting service providing expert advice on product selection, sizing and fit.

A more comfortable and precise fitting garment ensures you achieve the best possible results from your procedure or therapy.

Our trained fitting nurses provide expert garment fitting recommendations to Health Professionals Australia-wide.

BodyPlus service is also offered to all online Bodyment customers through our sizing assistant and online chat support.

Fade your scars and shine with the best silicone Scar treatments in Australia. 

BodySil is our clinically tested range of silicone scar treatment products proven to improve the appearance of scars.

Surgery, injury, and acne can leave scars that take years to fade, however treating the area with BodySil scar treatment will accelerate scar fading, giving you the confidence to feel like yourself again.

See our full range of BodySil products including the best silicone gel, silicone tape & silicone breast shapes in Australia.

CEP Compression offers a complete range of active wear with collections of shorts, tights, shirts, short socks, knee socks and sleeves. 

CEP compression is suitable for running, biking, triathlon, soccer, basketball, handball, ice hockey, riding, golf and a wide variety of other sports.

CEP products enhance performance and recovery through the targeted use of compression to improve blood circulation and speed up lactate metabolism. 

Shapewear that delivers medical grade compression, enhancing the recovery process comfortably while minimising unwanted side effects.

Clearpoint Medical’s  compression wear products are designed to achieve a practical balance between comfort, controlled pressure and functionality –

the fusion of compression and comfort –

by researching the latest developments in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery through consultations with surgeons, nurses and patients.

The Ezy-As is a compression stocking aid that reduces the difficulty and pain when putting on a compression garment.

It has been designed to assist those with limited mobility and lower body aches and pains, as well as assist carers of patients in putting on a compression stocking or sock.

Bodyment has tested these applicators over several years and has found them to be the most efficient and affordable applicator available.

Jobst graduated compression socks and stockings offer the highest quality medical grade compression hosiery for men and women.

JOBST is a true global leader in the management of venous &  lymphatic diseases.

They develop & manufacture compression therapy products used in the management of varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, chronic venous insufficiency, venous leg ulcers, lymphedema and lipedema

Leonisa creates innovative, high-end intimate apparel to enhance and express the intimate beauty of women.

With over 60 years experience, Leonisa makes shapewear in all compression levels for women of all shapes and sizes.

Leonisa makes shapewear in all compression levels made with innovative technology producing styles like bodysuits, high-waisted, mid-thigh and capri shapers


Marena compression garments are the world leaders in surgical fabric technology.

Marena’s medical-grade compression garments are designed for post-surgery recovery with health benefits at each step of your healing journey. 

Since 1994, Marena has been dedicated to advancing the effective use of medical-grade compression through research, innovation, design, and manufacturing of garments for long-term wellness benefits. 

Molnlycke  simply have the best range of wound care in the market with innovations in advanced dressings and negative pressure wound therapy.

Mölnlycke  design many solutions for wound management, pressure ulcer prevention and also  surgery.

Mölnlycke have an extensive range of health care with Mepilex, Mepitel, Mextra, Hibiclens, Biogel, Barrier. 

Compliment your recovery journey with the very best in wound management endorsed by doctors and surgeons. 


Rejûvaskin’s mission has always focused on glowing, happy skin.

Rejûvaskin’s story started over 30 years ago in scar management believing that no-one should be forced to live with untreated scars. 

The Rejuvaskin product line now includes an extensive quality range of scar treatment products, anti-aging products, stretch mark cream and silicone scar sheeting.

Swiss hosiery brand Sigvaris are global leaders in luxurious medical compression stockings and support socks.

Sigvaris offers high quality and innovative medical compression solutions that improve health and well being.

Sigvaris is recognised worldwide as a leader in compression hosiery.

Using the latest in manufacturing and textile technology together with medical expertise enables Sigvaris to produce compression stockings that offer proven medical effectiveness and comfort for the wearer together with fashionable design. 


SRC Health is the world leading pioneer in postpartum recovery products and now the largest range of pregnancy compression leggings and shorts.

Their Pregnancy and Recovery ranges of products have been designed by women for women.

SRC Health’s quality extensive range includes pregnancy shorts, maternity clothing, maternity shorts, recovery compression, post-op garments, maternity leggings and maternity support. 

Stratpharma is leading the way in wound healing, scar treatment and stretch mark prevention and treatment. 

Stratpharma products are formulated for use on all types of scarring, from keloid scars to radiation therapy scars. 

The range of Stratpharma products has become synonymous with unparalleled results in wound healing, scar management and stretch mark treatment and prevention.