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Product Care Guide

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For Best Results - Follow our Product Care Guide

Whether you have been prescribed medical compression garments by your Doctor, or you are simply wearing them to reduce aches and pains, or to enhance athletic performance, you need to provide your garments with the proper care to ensure they maintain their effectiveness, compression and shape.


Over time, all compression garments begin to lose elasticity and the level of compression they provide, but by following these guidelines and tips, you can get much more wear from your garment.

Please always follow the care instructions on the package that comes with your medical garment.

Machine and Hand Washing Medical Compression Garments

Depending on your garment and your preference, your medical compression garment may need to be either hand washed or machine washed.

When using a washing machine, always place your garment in a Bodyment Delight Cotton Machine Wash Bag. This will prevent ladders, snagging and twisting around other items. Use your machine’s gentle cycle and depending on your garment care instructions, cold or mild warm water may be used. We always recommend having two garments, one to wear whilst the other is in the wash.


When hand washing, gently rinse your garments and do not excessively rub, stretch, wring or crush them. Carefully squeeze out excess water and place your garment on a dry towel.

Well rounded invisible Leonisa butt lift shaper shorts in beige. The backside is made with sheer mesh to avoid flattening. Side view.

Ensure you follow our care instructions

BodyAid boy leg bodysuit in beige with front zip. Surgical grade compression ideal for all abdominal and fat transfer procedures. Featured with BodyAid arm compress crop in black.

Soaps and Detergent

When washing your garment, use a natural, mild detergent. If you are located in Australia, we recommend EarthChoice. 

Harsh chemicals and detergent can ruin the thin material compression garment fabric so avoid using fabric softener, bleach, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide and starch.

Use natural detergent for washing your compression garment
BodyAid Stage 1 Capri bodysuit shapewear in black with front zip teamed with beige BodyAid Stage 1 Front fastening post surgery Bra.

Drying Medical Compression Garments

You should always air-dry your medical compression garments as heat can stretch, weaken and damage silicone, nylon and elastic fabric.

Keep your garments out of the sun and hang flat on a drying rack in the shade, or lay them flat on a dry towel in the shade so they retain their shape.

Avoid using pegs, hanging your garments vertically as this allows water to pool at the base of the garment which can cause stretch. Never dry clean, tumble dry, dry in front of a heater, or iron your garments.

Cleaning Breast Shapers/Breast Forms

Only ever hand wash your breast forms as a washing machine will distort and twist the form, ruining its shape and adhesive backing.

 It is recommended to wash breast forms daily to reduce any bacteria. There are especially formulated breast form detergents you can use. Use a non-abrasive sponge or cloth to gently clean then rinse.

Carefully dry them with a soft towel and leave them to air dry on a towel in the shade. Never wring or twist water from your breast form and avoid exposing them to heat.

Swim forms by Amoena
how to remove Stains from compression garments

How to Remove Stains from Medical Compression Garments

Never use bleach or stain remover on your medical compression garment.

You can remove stains by gently rubbing baking soda on the stained area and then rinsing, allowing to dry flat on a towel in the shade.

When to replace Medical Compression Garments

The fabric and fibres of your medical compression garment will stretch and deteriorate overtime.

 Caring for your garments using the above guidelines will increase the amount of wear you get from your garments, but it is recommended to replace them every six months, or if they feel loose, or no longer bounce back to their original shape after washing and drying.

Medical Grade post surgery bras at Bodyment

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