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How to get the same TGA-approved medical mask that we gifted to our Aussie health workers…

5 minutes read31st January 2021. UPDATE: Bodyment has ample stock of KN95 medical face masks for immediate dispatch. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus just how important our frontline healthcare workers, our nurses and doctors, are to the safety of our Australian community. These incredible professionals continue to place their health and lives on the…

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Win $200 Every Week with Australia’s Leading Scar Treatment

2 minutes readThis July win $200 cash when you take the bodySil scar treatment challenge. Get started today by documenting your scar recovery before, during and after your scar treatment. It’s already the world’s most successful scar therapy.Now it’s time to prove it. Submit your feedback and photos showing your amazing scar improvement once we email you…

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What Body Shaper Shapewear to Wear after a Tummy Tuck?

9 minutes readLet’s get straight to it: not all shapewear, body shapers, and compression bodysuits are the same. Wearing shapewear every day is very common, but wearing medical-grade shapewear after a tummy tuck or even without any surgery is our speciality. If you need that kind of shapewear after any kind of surgery, you’ve come to the…

What Post Surgical Bra Should I Buy?

6 minutes readHaving a breast surgery? Choose the perfect post surgery bra here.

Private Health Insurance for Medical Garments

3 minutes readGot Health Insurance? We can help you save.

What’s the best Postpartum Compression Shapewear?

3 minutes readLove your post baby body with the best postpartum shapewear.

Australia’s Leading Silicone Scar Treatment

3 minutes readDue to a phenomenal demand, Bodysil Scar Tape is now available World-Wide.

The Different Types of Tummy Tuck Surgery Shapewear

9 minutes readGraphic Content This post contains medical procedure images where the content focuses on open wounds. Some people may find this shocking or upsetting and should not continue reading. Table of contents What is Abdominoplasty? Traditional Tummy Tuck Mini Tummy Tuck Fleur de Lis Tummy Tuck Circumferential Body Lift Tips: Recovery For Tummy Tuck Surgery The…

Best Marena Post-Op Compression Garments in 2020

8 minutes readMarena is internationally recognized as an award-winning medical garment manufacturer. Distributing to almost 80 countries, their recovery range has helped thousands of people through their post-op journey. Discover how you too can improve your post-op journey by browsing Bodyment’s top-selling Marena medical post-op compression garments below!

Face Lift Surgery: Different Types of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery & Why Wearing a Face Mask Matters

7 minutes readHave you been considering or are you planning face lift surgery? Cosmetic plastic surgery is a remarkable way to feel younger again. Passing years are worn visibly on the face and can undermine a youthful appearance and sap confidence. Loose skin and a loss of facial fat result in creases and wrinkles. Deepening of the…

How to Fade Scars – Clinically Tested Silicone Scar Treatment

4 minutes readNot happy with how your scar looks after surgery? Need a solution to help revitalise and nourish your damaged skin? There are all sorts of scar treatment on the market offering miracle solutions for your scarring. Find out the premium, and proven product Bodyment has carefully crafted to help eliminate scarring.

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How To Get The Correct Fitting Post-Operative Bra

5 minutes read6 Simple Tips for the Perfect Post Operative Bra Fitting After your breast surgery, you might be feeling overwhelmed about what comes next. Finding the right post-operative bra can be a daunting but necessary experience for optimal recovery.  Kickstart your journey ahead with Bodyment’s complete guide on choosing the best bra type and size for…

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Lymphedema Treatment, Symptoms and Causes

6 minutes readAnyone diagnosed with lymphedema will understand the challenges that come with it. Although this a lifelong condition, lymphedema can be managed successfully. Medical-grade compression stockings help reduce any swelling or aching that you’ll experience. To boost your physical health, Bodyment has developed a comprehensive lymphedema treatment guide below. Continue reading to find out how you…

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Discover the perfect Compression Stage for your Body

7 minutes readDo you need stage 1, 2, 3 or 4 Compression Wear ? Here’s how to tell… As compression wear experts, there are two questions we are often asked: “What is the difference between each compression stage?” and “What do I need?” Let’s answer these for you. Compression wear is divided into stages to enable the…

Compression socks for Aussie nurses: How to ease leg pain, fatigue and swelling?

6 minutes readNurses are often on their feet for extended periods of time, for long shifts that can span over 12 hours. This can, unsurprisingly, led to aches and pains, with the feet and legs bearing the brunt of endless steps and hours spent standing. The constant traversing of hospital corridors, moving between patient rooms and the…

The benefits of Compression Hosiery during and after Pregnancy

5 minutes readThe benefits of compression hosiery during and after pregnancy:     If you’re pregnant, you’ve probably got a shopping list of recommendations long enough to stock your own maternity store.  With so many choices to consider, it’s hard to know which products will really make your life easier for those nine months and beyond.   In…

Tips & videos – How to put on compression stockings with ease

5 minutes readCompression stockings are an absolute life-saver! Especially if you experience swelling in the legs, you will understand how quintessential are. Doctors routinely recommend compression stockings to help prevent and ease symptoms.  Benefits of wearing compression stockings There are a bunch of benefits and proven uses for compression stockings. This includes: Preventing and managing varicose veins…

Post Operative Bra Sizing Guide. Extra Tips for your results!

4 minutes readPost Op Bra Sizing Guide: Extra Tips for Better Results! Wow! The time has finally come to order your surgical bras in time for your procedure. This is an exciting time, but it can be quite daunting as well. Having been in the business of fitting patients with compression garments, including surgical bras for all…

Elective Surgeries in Australia to resume as Coronavirus restrictions ease

On March 25th the Australian Government postponed all non-essential surgeries due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Lymphedema; Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

4 minutes readSo what exactly is Lymphedema and what is the best treatment. Read on to find out more….

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