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Face Lift Surgery: Different Types of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery & Why Wearing a Face Mask Matters

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Have you been considering or are you planning face lift surgery? Cosmetic plastic surgery is a remarkable way to feel younger again.

Passing years are worn visibly on the face and can undermine a youthful appearance and sap confidence. Loose skin and a loss of facial fat result in creases and wrinkles. Deepening of the lines that run from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth lead to pronounced nasolabial folds. Slackened excess skin under the jawline produces a jowl. Each can be worrisome; an indicator of time’s ticking clock.

The ageing process affects each of us differently. For some people a falling brow is troublesome. A jowl might mean wearing turtlenecks through our blistering summers. Maybe you simply want to erase several years?

Wonderfully, one study reported patients who’d had face lift surgery felt they looked 12 years younger. They, and others, noticed the difference. And the benefits aren’t only physical. Research shows marked benefits for an enhanced quality of life. If you feel the aesthetic changes of ageing deeply, face lift surgery may offer a path to happiness.

Face lift surgery, or rhytidectomy, revitalises your look. The type of procedure or procedures your doctor recommends will depend on you. Each one of us has a unique face and genetic makeup and we age differently. The changes we experience and our feelings about this will determine the most suitable type of intervention.

If you have saggy skin on your cheeks, a pronounced jowl and deep nasolabial folds, a full rhytidectomy may be recommended. If you have a deeply furrowed forehead a brow lift might be just the ticket. There are a number of options available to help you regain your inner and outer spark.

face lift surgery

Face Lift Surgery: What you need to know

There are different techniques for face lift surgery. The traditional method cuts the tissue near the hairline at the temple on both sides. The surgical incision extends in front of, and then behind, the ears and often to the scalp. This allows the surgeon the necessary access to lift the skin from the face and repair the tissues underneath. Surgical repair rejuvenates weak muscles and connective tissue. Removal of excess skin and fatty deposits streamlines the outer appearance. Each incision is considered carefully. This minimises noticeability and scarring,

After surgery, a compression garment should be worn. This reduces swelling, offers support and encourages skin retraction and healing. The ClearPoint Medical Unisex Face Mask provides the full coverage required following face lift surgery. Its adjustable velcro closures, outside seams and expert design make this product the best option to support a speedy, complete recovery.

Mini Face Lift Surgery: A less invasive option for those prone to scarring

A second option for correcting saggy skin is the mini face lift. The incisions used in this procedure are smaller and placed near the hairline or above the ears. These entry points allow the surgeon to lift the tissues upward to correct loose skin.

If you are prone to unsightly or keloid scars the mini face lift may be a better option. As with a traditional face lift, a surgical-grade compression garment is essential to promote healthy healing and lessen scar formation.

Brow Lift: How to soften your look?

As we age, the collagen and elastin found in the dermal layer of the skin diminish. These two proteins are the building blocks of elasticity and strength. As they fail, the structure of the skin does too. This can lead to a drooping brow, sagging eyelids and deep frown lines.

In a brow lift, either one long or several one-to-two centimetre incisions are made at or along the hairline. This enables the surgeon to raise the skin, smoothen forehead wrinkles and noticeably reduce frown lines.

brow lift cosmetic plastic surgery

Neck Lift: How to turn back time?

A neck lift is performed to remove a giveaway sign of ageing; what is unkindly referred to as a turkey neck. The double chin and upright skin folds that give this presentation its nickname are difficult to hide. A neck lift, medically called a platysmaplasty, is the cosmetic plastic surgery of choice.

The platysma muscle lies at the front of the neck. Through poor posture and the ageing process, it can sag and accumulate fatty tissue. This is the target of a neck lift.

Small incisions are made near and behind the ears. An additional compact cut is placed underneath the chin. These act as entry points that allow the doctor to tighten this muscle and extract excess skin and fat.

Medical compression is crucial after a neck lift. Our Bodyment Face Lift Bundle contains two face masks. That means you can wash your masks frequently to reduce the risk of infection and ensure the constant compression you need to get well and look gorgeous. For a neck lift, a mask that covers the ears is a necessity.

Plus, you receive two packs of our remarkable BodySil Scar Tape! The soft, perforated silicone tape reduces the colour, texture and size of scars.

Chin Liposuction: Balancing facial symmetry

Take a look in the mirror. Notice your chin. It is such a focal feature. Yet, reducing its excess fatty deposits to balance facial symmetry can be difficult.

Chin liposuction is a simple, fast and safe procedure. A small cut just below the chin is all that’s needed. Insertion of a small cannula allows access. Tumescent fluid is injected and gentle suction removes fat from the area.

Genioplasty: Reshape or reposition your chin

The impact of a poorly positioned or misshapen chin on facial symmetry and balance is profound. This can dent the confidence and quality of life. Genioplasty is the cosmetic plastic surgery procedure that enables a surgeon to correct this concern.

This procedure has a number of benefits; it can restore a receding chin or reduce one of ample size. It can extend or shorten the length or correct misalignment.

A surgeon can cut and reposition the chin, insert silicone implants and use chin liposuction to perfect this area.

In chin liposuction and genioplasty, only the chin requires post-operative compression. Our ClearPoint Medical Chin and Neck Wrap is the perfect product to achieve this goal. Soft, comfortable, supportive and expertly designed. It improves blood circulation, minimises swelling and pain and enhances healing.

For the chin, and all visible cosmetic plastic surgery procedure incision points, Bodysil Silicone Scar Gel will aid faster recovery. The scientifically recommended gel is a first-line scar treatment. Clinically proven to reduce scar size, rehydrate the skin and lighten skin tone, we believe this product should be a post-op standard.

Otoplasty cosmetic plastic surgery

Otoplasty: Perfecting the shape and position of the ears

Unfortunately in our society, large, protruding or unusually shaped ears can draw unwanted attention and criticism. Ear correction surgery, called otoplasty, eliminates pronounced issues.

Pinning the ears requires an incision at the back of the ear along the crease where the ear joins the head. The incision will be stitched after the procedure. The purpose is to keep the edges of the wound close for a beautiful, tiny scar.

Cartilage and skin removal allows reshaping or size reduction. Application of a soft dressing protects the area. These need to remain in place. Our ClearPoint Medical Universal Face Wrap will hold dressings in place, is easy to use and provides stage one medical compression to reduce swelling and bruising and protect against infection.

If face lift surgery, a neck or brow lift, chin liposuction or otoplasty is in your future, it’s important to choose the right post-operative compression garment. Add in a silicone scar gel and you’ll speed your recovery and minimise scarring.

Here’s to your rapid recovery and happiest of futures!

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