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Australia's Leading Medical Compression Supplier.

Est. in 2010, Bodyment is the world leading supplier to Health Professionals, Hospitals and Patients. Shop in confidence, our team are available on chat to help with product & fitting advice.

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Bodyment has your back… and your bum, boobs, hips and handles.

Bodyment was founded in Australia in 2010 with one mission in mind – to provide a better experience to everyone in post-operative recovery.
We have since become the market leader and one-stop-shop for all your post-op needs by gathering the best medical compression recovery solutions and offering expert support on post-op product selection.

Super comfy and incredibly supportive
BodyAid is our range of compression garments inspired by the best features of our top selling items, offering the highest quality scientifically backed medical compression garments. Available in our top selling BodyAid Post-Surgery Bra, BodyAid Abdominal Binder and a wide range of garments.
Fade your scars and shine
BodySil is our clinically tested range of silicone scar treatment products proven to improve the appearance of scars. Surgery, injury, and acne can leave scars that take years to fade, however treating the area with BodySil scar treatment will accelerate scar fading, giving you the confidence to feel like yourself again. Available in BodySil Scar Tape, BodySil Scar Gel, and BodySil Scar Patches.

Expert fitting for optimal recovery

Our fitting service providing expert advice on product selection, sizing and fit. A more comfortable and precise fitting garment ensures you achieve the best possible results from your procedure or therapy. Our trained fitting nurses provide expert garment fitting recommendations to Health Professionals Australia-wide. BodyPlus service is also offered to all online Bodyment customers through our sizing assistant and online chat support.

Compression for every stage

Choose the correct type of compression garment for your needs, ranging from post-operative recovery to athletic activewear.

Stage 1 Compression – Post operative recovery garments

Stage 2 Compression – Medical grade compression garments

What Others Are Saying

“The most comfortable bodysuit i’ve ever owned. I highly recommend!”

Leonisa Braless Compression Bodysuit Shaper Boy Leg


“Thank you so much Bodyment for making the ordering process as easy as possible.”

BodySil Scar Tape



Are you a health professional?

Leading health professionals choose Bodyment to provide medical grade compression garments and post-op recovery support so they can achieve the best results from their surgery.

We support patients from pre-surgery through to post-op recovery, freeing Health Professionals to focus on their primary services. With over a decade of experience providing recovery support to Health Professionals in all fields of healthcare, you can be confident your patients are in the right hands and receiving the most professional medical support.

You’re in good company


With over a decade of experience working with Doctors and Surgeons specialising in all areas of medicine, such as Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Surgeons, General Surgeons and Vascular Surgeons. We have extensive knowledge of the recovery garments required for all kinds of elective and emergency surgeries.


Nurses understand the importance of using high-quality and correctly fitting compression garments, as this greatly affects the comfort and confidence of the patients during post-op recovery.


Physiotherapists often recommend medical grade compression garments to their patients in order to support their muscles during and after exercises prescribed in their rehabilitation plan.

Plastic Surgeons

Bodyment works hand in hand with Plastic Surgeons in ensuring their patient’s wear correctly fitted and procedure specific post-op compression garments after surgery. With specialised experience working closely with Surgeons, we often provide their preferred garment options to their patients to achieve the best recovery and results.


BodySil has become the preferred Scar Treatment for many Dermatologists. Clinically proven results and highly effective in reducing the look of scars, Bodyment is a Dermatologist’s clear choice in skin therapy and scar treatment.

Private & Public Hospitals

Bodyment works with Health Professionals throughout Australia and the world to provide medical grade compression garments for a variety of needs including Lymphedema, Breast Cancer Surgery and General Surgeries. Patients often request more comfortable TED socks or high quality compression stockings.

Vascular Surgeons

Following vein removal surgery, laser ablation and sclerotherapy, vascular surgeons require their patients to wear properly fitted, Medical Grade, graduated compression stockings. Bodyment assists patient’s select the right level of compression and style of stocking providing proven vascular benefits and patients recovery & comfort.

General Practitioners

GPs have an extensive array of conditions presented by patients daily. Practitioners have relied on Bodyment to supply medically guaranteed compression garments as opposed as prescribing generic pharmacy compression garments as we have the worlds leading range of brands and products that compliment treatments prescribed for day to day wear and recovery.


Whether it be during pregnancy or after child birth, Bodyment has a comprehensive selection of medically approved graduated compression stockings, support garments and postpartum specific shape wear for Mums and Mums to be.


The latest news on post-op recovery solutions, medical compression therapy, and everything to do with loving your body.

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Love your body

We take care of the rest

Bodyment was founded in Australia in 2010 with one mission in mind – to provide a better experience to people in post-operative recovery. We have since become the market leader and one-stop-shop for all your post-op needs by gathering the best medical compression recovery solutions and offering expert support on post-op product selection.

After invasive surgery we want you to feel confident in your body and in your medical grade post-op product, without feeling like you’re a sick person wearing a medical device. That’s why we provide the most comfortable and supportive compression garments, that are also the most discrete and aesthetically pleasing.

Bodyment supports you throughout the recovery process, giving you the confidence to feel like yourself again, rather than like a patient.

We believe everybody has a beautiful body, and you should love your body regardless of age, shape, size, gender or enhancement.