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How to Wear Compression Garments

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Getting the most from your garment

Bodyment has spent years researching brands, and stocks only the highest quality, reputable brands.

Should there be a fault with a garment, our manufacturers and distributors will always provide a replacement product or if preferred, a credit. Usually, a warranty item is approved if any stitching on the garment has come undone, if any fasteners have broken, or if there is already a hole in the fabric before the garment has been worn.

 If you experience any of these issues, please contact Bodyment at your earliest convenience to flag that there may be a warranty issue.

Usually, our manufacturers will be happy to view detailed photos of the problem area and can more often than not make a decision based on the photos only. Sometimes, they will require to see the product themselves before making a final decision.

Bodyment will keep you informed on the progress of your warranty claim and will work with you to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

Wearing surgical garments

Surgical compression fabric is usually made “open weave” for a few important reasons. Firstly, an open weave fabric is cooler and ‘breathes’, keeping you more comfortable.

Also, the open weave does not allow moisture to build up between your skin and the fabric. This reduces the risk of infection and also contributes to a more comfortable feeling for the patient. However, an ‘open weave’ fabric can also be more vulnerable to tears and ladders caused by sharp nails and jewellery. Should a hole or ladder appear as a result of this, the item will not be covered under warranty.

By taking some extra care and time, and using some rubber or protective gloves, these stressful situations can usually be avoided. Here are some quick tips as to how to put on your compression garments.

How to wear Bodyment's Medical compression garments matters for your results.

Shop in confidence with our world-leading medical brands

Bras and vests

Most surgical post-op bras are front fastening for ease of application during your recovery. Pop your arms through, and pull the bra down at the back and around to the front. Do your hooks and eyes up starting from the bottom.

If the bra has a zip, make sure the zip is well seated and fold the zip level down to avoid slipping. Always keep your post-op bras sitting low on your rib cage – not riding up onto your breasts.

Mould the cup of the bra over your breast to  cover as much of the breast as possible.

Leonisa posture bra in beige with adjustable front three row hook and eye closure. Suitable after all breast procedures.
BodyAid black post-operative stage 1 bodysuit with built-in bra for extra support. Three row front hook and eye closure for multiple adjustments and control.

Bodysuits and Girdles

Try to undo only one zip and hooks and eyes (if there are 2 on the sides). Step into the garment and bring it up firmly into your crotch, make sure the garment is not twisted (the open crotch needs to be straight). Then start doing up one hook and eye at a time, then the zip.

The garment should be tight – so you need to pull it together and hook. If there are shoulder straps, do them up quite firmly to keep the garment sitting up nice and high. Once on, shimmy the garment down to make it as smooth as possible.

Garments with no zips or hooks and eyes and socks and stockings. Be especially careful with these garments as they are tight and more difficult to put on. We strongly recommend wearing gripped gloves to assist with getting a good grip without compromising the fabric. 


Medical Grade Compression Socks & Stockings

Quality compression hosiery is always tighter at the ankle than they are at the top, as this helps the blood flow back up your legs. So of course, it stands to reason that medical grade compression hosiery is not easy to put on.

There are however, some tips and tricks (and applicators) that will help make this process a little easier.

Most Sigvaris open toe socks, stockings and pantyhose come with a satin slip that you put over your toe before starting to put the hosiery on. These help the garment slip onto your foot much easier as this can sometimes be the most challenging part of putting on your compression hosiery.

ALWAYS make sure you remove all jewellery before starting, as well as ensuring your fingernails are short and smooth so the hosiery will not snag and ladder while you are putting them on.

Bodyment recommends wearing cotton gripped gloves as these will protect the fabric and make it easier to gran the material and pull up your legs.


BodyAid sheer knee high medical grade graduated compression socks in beige.

There are several guides available that offer some tips and tricks, however we recommend following these basic rules:

  1. Work the sock or stocking onto your foot, making sure you position the heel properly as the medical compression starts from the ankle.
  2. Get a good grip on the bunched up sock or stocking and pull up your legs. Practise will ensure you pull at the correct strength to have the sock or stocking end at the required place. Socks should stop before the back of the knee. Thigh high stockings should be as high as possible on the thigh, but make sure the band at the top stays flat all the way around. Pantyhose and Chap stockings should fit snugly into your crotch without folding over.
  3. Once on, smoothe the fabric up and down the legs to iron out any creases. Our gripped gloves really help here to make sure the fabric is smooth all over.
  4. Always put your socks or stockings on first thing in the morning, as soon as possible after getting out of bed. Once your legs start to swell, it will be much harder to get the hosiery on.
  5. During the day, check your hosiery regularly. If you notice any creases, pop on your gloves and smooth out any wrinkles.
  6. Take the hosiery off before you go to bed, or once you are able to relax with your feet up.

Need help knowing if this garment is right for you?

Bodyment is a customer centric company, providing medical compression products to improve your recovery as prescribed by your health professional. All tickets will be responded to within 24hours.

  • Question about a product or have general feedback, Let us know.
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