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What are the different grades of compression stockings?

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When buying compression hosiery, no matter the reason, it is vital to purchase medical grade graduated compression hosiery only.


Graduated medical compression stockings improves blood flow back to the heart by providing more compression at the ankle than at the top of the sock or stockings.
If the compression is the same throughout, then in effect, the hosiery will ‘squeeze’ the blood vessels and lymphatic system making it more difficult for the fluid to flow back up the leg.

With medical compression always beware of unproven brands that don’t use true ‘graduated compression’ in their terminology. Medical grade graduated compression hosiery is classed by the amount of compression provided at the ankle and the top.


What grade medical hosiery do I need?


The class of compression is measured by mmHg (millimetres of Mercury). Brands do vary slightly with the amount of compression but in general, the following rules apply to all compression stockings & compression socks.


  • Anti-Embolism (TED Stockings) Approximately 18mmHg
  • CCL I (Compression Class 1) 15mmHg to 21mmHg
  • CCL II (Compression Class 2) 20mmHg to 32mmHg
  • CCL III (Compression Class 3) 30mmHg to 40mmHg

Now that we are clear on what graduated compression is, let’s look at the different types of hosiery available here at Bodyment.


What are Class 1 compression stockings?


Class 1 compression stockings are ideal for those with mild vascular or lymphatic issues.
As these garments are designed for wear everyday, they can help prevent further deterioration of the blood vessels and also keep your legs feeling good all day long.


Perfect for nurses or anyone on their feet for long hours. Ideal to wear as a travel sock. Class I graduated compression socks are also brilliant to wear before, during and after exercise.


Bodyment has a huge assortment of Class I graduated compression socks.


What are Class 2 compression stockings?


Class Two is usually worn when there is a significant vascular or lymphatic issue such as lymphedema. This compression class of hosiery works well for reducing swelling of the ankles and offers significant support for more severe varicose veins.
Bodyment proudly sells the Sigvaris Cotton range of knee high socks that help with temperature regulation, are softer and easier to put on than other CCL II hosiery and are gentler on the legs. We also have the trusted Jobst brand and Medical Grade knee high, thigh high, chaps style and pantyhose. 


If you will be having a procedure on your vascular system, like vein stripping, laser ablation or sclerotherapy, your Doctor will probably ask you to wear Class II compression hosiery for a few weeks after surgery.


Often, chaps style is preferred when only one leg is being treated. This style can be worn on either leg and has an adjustable Velcro waistband. Thigh High stockings are also recommended for wear if having procedures on both legs. Again, each stocking can be worn on either leg. After surgery, your Doctor may prefer you to choose an open toe option. 


What are Class 3 compression stockings?


These are the strongest compression socks we sell. Usually, patients are prescribed Class III socks if they suffer from severe Vascular Disease or Lymphedema.
These socks and stockings are not recommended to be worn unless prescribed by your Health Professional.


What are Anti-Embolism TED Stockings?


These white socks and stockings are designed for wear only during or immediately after a surgical procedure or childbirth. They are also used for those that are unable to walk (non ambulatory).


Whilst they are graduated compression (usually from 8 to 18mmHg) they are not designed to be worn as travel socks or for wear by those able to walk and move about freely.


How do I choose the right size compression stockings?




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