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Sigvaris has designed a premium selection of medical compression therapy solutions in response to your different medical and lifestyle needs.

Sigavris offers three categories of quality compression garments in their  Medical, Well Being and Sports ranges.

 Sigvaris medical compression garments are made for chronic venous insufficient such as  Deep vein thrombosis lymphoedema or venous ulcers. Their medical compression ranges from classes 1 -4 including custom made garments.

Bodyment stock a huge range of Sigvaris support stockings and  socks for men and women. The Sigvaris well being range help relieve  early symptoms of leg conditions and their Traveno line is perfect for travelling &  flying.

The Sigvaris premium sports range is designed to enchance athlete performance and your recovery time.

There are some many reasons to choose Sigvaris’s quality compression products. Sigavris has been the world leader in quality compression garments for over 150 years and is still manufactured in Switzerland.

Check out the full Sigvaris range at Bodyment now. 

Compression therapy that empowers you to live you life with confidence.

After invasive surgery we want you to feel confident in your body and in your medical grade post-op product, without feeling like you’re a sick person wearing a medical device. 

That’s why we provide the most comfortable and supportive compression garments, that are also the most discrete and aesthetically pleasing.

Bodyment supports you throughout the recovery process, giving you the confidence to feel like yourself again, rather than like a patient.

We believe everybody has a beautiful body, and you should love your body regardless of age, shape, size, gender or enhancement.

I love the all natural fibres in the Cotton Thigh High Sigvaris stockings. No more pain when putting my stockings on.

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Bodyment was founded in Australia in 2010 with one mission in mind – to provide a better experience to people in post-operative recovery.

We have since become the market leader and one-stop-shop for all your post-op needs by gathering the best medical compression recovery solutions and offering expert support on post-op product selection.

Bodyment supports you throughout the recovery process, giving you the confidence to feel like yourself again, rather than like a patient.

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