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Marena is the world leader in surgical fabric technology and a manufacturer of high-quality medical-grade compression garments.

Marena works closely with health professionals and companies in more than 75 countries to improve patients’ post-operational recoveries. Its company mission is to become the global leader in compression technology. To achieve this, they strive to make the very best improvements through medical innovation.

We are happy to offer Marena shapewear here at Bodyment. We carry all kinds of Marena products, from face masks to bodysuits to abdominal binders.

You can shop all our Marena offerings by clicking the button below. Or contact Bodyment now to ask questions about our products.

Why Choose Marena Recovery Garments?

As a company, Marena is dedicated to manufacturing only the best products and delivering them to customers on time.

Lots of brand names can claim they produce only the best, but Marena knows how to deliver it. After being physically produced, Marena compression garments are further optimised with more than 1,000 body scans and live model tests.

This is the Marena way: physical artistry meets the latest technology to produce the best end results for you: the customers and patients.

Ultimately, whether you need a Marena split-panel binder or surgery vest, the brand will deliver for you. The post-surgery period doesn’t have to be too trying. Marena can help.

Why Choose Bodyment for Your Marena Compression Garments?

Bodyment has been fitting and selling Marena shapewear for many years. Our knowledge of their fit and range of garments to suit your needs is second to none.

We are actually Australia’s leading retailer of Marena. Bras, bodysuits, and girdles for men and women are just some of the quality products within our range.

Marena’s activewear is made from the same surgical-grade compression fabric and can be worn post-surgery or every day. Did you know they may also be claimable from your private health insurance?

Love your body, and feel the support with Marena and Bodyment.

Shop Marena Shapewear Today

Bodyment is happy to provide Australia and the rest of the world with the Marena shapewear you need to recover from your surgeries and move on. We know you always have a choice with your medical shapewear, and we are honoured to be able to help those who need our products.

At Bodyment, we believe you should love your physical appearance no matter what, and we are here to help.

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Compression therapy that empowers you to live you life with confidence.

After invasive surgery we want you to feel confident in your body and in your medical grade post-op product, without feeling like you’re a sick person wearing a medical device. 

That’s why we provide the most comfortable and supportive compression garments, that are also the most discrete and aesthetically pleasing.

Bodyment supports you throughout the recovery process, giving you the confidence to feel like yourself again, rather than like a patient.

We believe everybody has a beautiful body, and you should love your body regardless of age, shape, size, gender or enhancement.

Good support bra & good sizing - perfect for post surgery compression & sports activities post healing.

Marena products

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Bodyment was founded in Australia in 2010 with one mission in mind – to provide a better experience to people in post-operative recovery.

We have since become the market leader and one-stop-shop for all your post-op needs by gathering the best medical compression recovery solutions and offering expert support on post-op product selection.

Bodyment supports you throughout the recovery process, giving you the confidence to feel like yourself again, rather than like a patient.

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