How to put on compression stockings with ease
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Tips & videos – How to put on compression stockings with ease

Do you wear compression stockings?Has your doctor advised you to wear compression stockings every day?Sometimes, they could be quite a struggle to put on!We know that the first part is the most difficult—getting it onto your foot. There are several ways we can make that easier.

First, what are the benefits of wearing compression stockings?

  • To feel relief from tired or painful legs due to poor health or sluggish blood circulation.
  • To stay active and improve quality of life.
  • To optimise a peak-performance state during and after intense sports.
  • To support recovery from surgery, manage swelling, and prevent blood clots.
  • To help control lymphedema and other lymphatic conditions.
  • To prevent or manage varicose veins while pregnant.
  • For comfort and health when travelling on long airplane flights.

Some patients may be tempted to get a larger size as they are easier to put on. If you did that, you may not achieve the best compression results and healthcare.

We always respect that the final decision is yours as each customer is different. As the same time, it is our duty to recommend the right size for medical compression. This may not be the most comfortable fit but it lets the stocking do its job best. Make your your life much easier while getting the best out of your compression stockings. Check out the following tips.

#1 Wear gloves with grip

Wearing gloves with grip makes it easier for you to put on compression stockings or socks. This prevents you from putting a hole in them (the risk is higher if you have sharp nails or jewellery). Also, the gloves help you smoothen wrinkles from your stockings for a neat appearance. What if you still find it hard to handle the stockings with gloves on?

#2 Use a stocking applicator . . . and it’s Ezy-As ABC!

Gloves plus an applicator make compression stockings much easier to slip on. The applicator lets you put on stockings yourself with less effort and pain. And if you are a carer or family member, it makes it much easier for you to help someone else put on the stockings. Double win! Did you know an Australian invented one version of this useful gadget? Here’s a video of how it works:

Leading compression socks provider JOBST has their own version too, and here’s a link to a video on how to use the JOBST Stocking Donner.

What if you have trouble bending forward to put on the stockings?

#3 Use a stocking applicator plus handle (no bending required!)

Here’s an even better way to put on compression stockings. Attach a handle to the applicator to make things even easier for you. And here’s a video of how that works:

Once you attach the handle to the applicator, it’s easier to leave it there.

Are they any other types of stocking applicators?​

#4 Use a doff and donner to roll the stocking on and off

This is a great alternative to the plastic applicator that many of our customers like. Not familiar with the words? ‘Doff’ means ‘remove’ and ‘don’ means ‘put on’ – when related to a piece of clothing from the body. Here’s a video to shows you how to use this two-piece device:

What if you are wearing open-toe compression stockings? 

#5 Use a satin slip or silk footie for open-toe stockings

Some of our customers prefer to wear open-toe stockings. They can then wear sandals without bringing extra attention to their toes. Or, they like the extra air circulation from exposed toes, especially in hot weather. Here’s a link to a video that shows you how to put on compression stockings using a silk footie. A similar device is the satin slip.

Where can you buy these helpful products?

Bodyment stocks all the above items at great prices:

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Doff N Donner Application Device

Other great products available at Bodyment

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SAVE MONEY – Many items in our store are eligible for healthcare rebates. Do check with your private health insurer to see if you are covered. Did you find this information helpful? Let us know! If you have any other questions, please contact us or ring 1300 077 892.

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