Unisex Sigvaris Cotton Socks in nude and black available.
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We Love Sigvaris Cotton Hosiery

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We love Sigvaris Cotton hosiery and we know you to start loving it too.

There are so many reasons why this product has become one of our best sellers and here are just a few of them:

The natural properties of cotton make these socks and stockings particularly well tolerated the the skin – even the most sensitive skin. Because it feels so great on the leg, it also makes an overall feeling of wellness and comfort. This may be in part because the natural cotton fibres used in these Sigvaris products, are woven on the inside of the socks and stockings – therefore closer to the skin. This means that even those with sensitive skin will have much more comfort when putting the socks on and off, and of course during the day.

sigvaris cotton feels great on sensitive skin

The manufacturer’s only use the finest cotton which is processed exclusively as covered inlaid thread on the inside of the socks and stockings. Sigvaris uses valuable Swiss Supima extra-long pile cotton, a particularly fine and smooth yarn to ensure your comfort.Natural cotton fibre absorbs sweat – keeping you cooler and more comfortable for longer.

Sigvaris Thigh High Cotton (504)

As our feet and legs perspire, the cotton fibres draw the moisture away from the skin and stores it inside the fibres. By doing this, your skin will remain cool and dry. By staying drier, the skin does not have a chance to develop bacteria which can cause infection and unwanted odour.Because there is 14% cotton in the Sigvaris Cotton range, the socks and stockings are able to dry faster than some other brands.

The Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa) assessed among other things the drying properties in a sweat test. COTTON was compared to a competitor’s compression stocking with a higher cotton content. Sigvaris came out on top of that test. Research carried out in 2010 on a group of 82 people who regularly wore Class II compression for at least two years, showed that more people prefer the comfort of Sigvaris Cotton hosiery.

We are constantly increasing the number of Sigvaris Cotton products on bodyment.com as more and more of our customers are telling us how much they love them. We currently stock knee high, thigh high, chaps, pantyhose and maternity pantyhose – usually in beige and black with open or closed toes. Sigvaris may be a little more expensive than some other brands, but remember your compression hosiery is usually covered by your Private Health Insurance.

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