Medicare External Breast Prostheses Reimbursement Form


The Australian Government reimburses up to $800 every two years for external breast prostheses for women who have had breast removal as a result of breast cancer.

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Through Medicare, all Australian women with a Medicare card are eligible to claim this rebate. The amount refunded is a maximum per $400 per breast. So, if a woman has had one breast removed as a result of breast cancer, they are entitles to receive a refund of up to $400 on the purchase price of an external breast form. A woman who has had bi-lateral mastectomies (both breasts removed), can claim $400 for two external breast forms.

This rebate is able to be taken up once every two years. Usually, this two year period provides sufficient time for a breast form to remain intact, before requiring the purchase of a new one. Both adhesive and non-adhesive prostheses are claimable.

Should you also have Private Health Insurance, your fund may also offer a rebate on the cost. However, in order to take advantage of the Medicare program, it is important to claim the cost of your breast forms from Medicare, before claiming from your Private Health.

Bodyment can help facilitate this claiming process. Download this form and attach it to your paid Invoice from Bodyment. Then put your claim into Medicare. Usually, it takes about two weeks for the funds to be available in your account. If you require assistyance in order to pay for the breast form, please contact your local Breast Cancer charity.

To qualify for the Medicare Rebate:


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