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Marena 100Z sports bra with front zip and racer back in teal/black. Marena natural waist leggings in black/teal. BodyAid post surgery bra in black and Leonisa active leggings.

Best Marena Post-Op Compression Garments in 2020

8 minutes readMarena is internationally recognized as an award-winning medical garment manufacturer. Distributing to almost 80 countries, their recovery range has helped thousands of people through their

Lymphoedema involves the retention of large amounts of protein-rich fluid causing chronic swelling, usually in people’s limbs but it can also occur in various parts of the body such as breasts, trunk, face(head) & neck or genital area.

Lymphedema Treatment, Symptoms and Causes

6 minutes readAnyone diagnosed with lymphedema will understand the challenges that come with it. Although this a lifelong condition, lymphedema can be managed successfully. Medical-grade compression stockings

silicone Scar appearance reduction

How to reduce the appearance of Scars

3 minutes readThere are a myriad of products on the market offering all sorts of solutions to make your scars disappear. It can be confusing, costly and

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